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Since 2014, as part of the Social Responsibility Program, Grupo Conroy has supported the research of a cure for an uncommon tumor through the cooperation with an American Foundation specialized in said illness.

Working together with a specialized foundation, the group is committed to the support of important state-of-the-art research that cover:

  • Development of feasible researches
  • State-of-the-art technological research in prestigious facilities.
  • Identification of medicines.
  • Clinical tests.

Among the programs of Cooperation and Research that the group supports we have:

Report Design and Approbationx

Through the design and approbation of reports the group and the specialized foundation guarantee the transparency, accountability and progress of the projects. This is an essential part of the commitment of the group with better understanding the diseases and the creation of better treatment for affected patients.

Resources Developmentx

The development of resources allows the creation of key and necessary bases for researching and understanding the biology and functioning of the disease.

Projects supported by the group:

  • Development of Xenografts.

Therapeutic Purposesx

The investigation of therapeutic techniques and methods allows the identification of medications and other therapeutic techniques that often make their effect on specific gene or protein chains within the cells by modifying them in order to treat the disease.

Projects supported by the group:

  • University of Maastricht: proteomic analysis
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: epigenetic analysis
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: target discovery Project
  • Broad Institute: target discovery project; CDK target validation
  • Harvard/MIT brachyury drug discoverCDK target validationy project
  • Baylor/Broad brachyury regulatory network drug discovery project
  • Johns Hopkins: immune therapy testing

Preclinical Researchx

Preclinical research projects aim to provide data that justify the clinical information that would be translated into tests for better treatments for patients.

Projects supported by the group:

  • Drug Screening Pipeline.

This is a medication detection program part of a centralized service specialized in evaluating the efficiency of new potential medications in a fast and economical way within the preclinical models of the disease.

Clinical Researchx

The Clinical Tests Program aims to remove barriers and allows the optimization and efficient handling of resources in the clinical tests.

Projects supported by the group:

  • Clinical Trial Pipeline: Clinical tests in different centers.